About Me

Hey! Welcome to my Blog page.

I’m Kerry, an amateur runner with a big smile. You may have seen me on the April 2016 cover of Women’s Running Magazine…. yep that’s me, trying to keep my eyes open in the lashing of 80mph rain and wind which just happened to be on the day of the shoot.


I was absolutely delighted to be chosen to represent a ‘real’ woman for the cover of Women’s Running.  It’s an experience I will relish forever..

I started running late, not until I hit 37, it’s never too late to try something new.  My love for running came about when I convinced my friend Alex to come surfing with me.  In exchange, I was to take up running.  My first two miles around the block nearly killed me.

I’ve not always been a runner, I was happily playing basketball with men in a Solent league until my knees complained too much and I had to retire. I then took up surfing and Stand up Paddling (which I still do now)


I’ve ran all sorts of races from colour runs, glow runs, cross country (my favourite), road running, assault courses, santa runs, park runs, 10k’s, and a marathon (I’m still yet to do a half!). My favourite runs are mud runs. At the weekend, you can find me caked in mud up to my neck with a gopro on my chest. (check out my Women’s only Brutal video for some inspiration -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkICdicKspo )

I am also a run Leader with the Fareham Crusaders and I absolutely love it.  I appreciate how difficult it is to take that first initial step and to join a run club.  I love encouraging others and seeing new runners progress and get the same love for running as I do.  My Run Leader responsibility is a volunteering role  – I don’t get paid but a ‘thank you’ really is a good enough reward for my time.

I always said that I would never write a blog – I’m not interested in reading about how great someone else’s run was when I am having a bad run.  I voiced this to one of my friends who suggested I should write my own. My aim is to write some blogs about real things – and real life – the bad things about running – bra rub, tummy cramps, bad days, sweat in your eyes but also not forgetting the good stuff – wind in your hair, socialising with some really cool people, and getting some much needed ‘me’ time.  I also aim to provide some much needed information on race prep, tried and tested sports stuff, injury info and many useful tips I have picked up along the way. So here we are… I hope you enjoy it..

Come follow me on strava – https://www.strava.com/athletes/3594921

Kerry X

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