London Marathon 2019

Once again, I am training for the London Marathon.  I was lucky enough to obtain a charity place through Rowan’s Hospice which I am so grateful for.  So far, training is going well, and I have the pleasure of training with my good friend Jane Pollard- this is her first marathon.  This is my second.  This time around, I am not stressing about my training, I am following the plan but realise that I can tweak it at different times.  I have a life and a demanding full-time job. Sometimes not fulfilling a training run, happens.

pic 2

Me and my lovely friend Jane on a training run.. 

The great thing about running with Jane, is that she is not precious about PB’s on training runs and it’s all very chilled and chatty. This year, I have decided to use Martin Yelling’s London Marathon 16-week plan, but with a few tweaks.  I felt that the intermediate plan was too advanced for me and yet the beginners was just that little bit too ‘beginner’ for me.  So, I have decided to use the beginners plan but with some tweaks.  It’s all working well.

I did Hellrunner last November and it was SO HILLY – to the point where my back was so painful -I have had an uncomfortable feeling in my thigh ever since.  After waiting for it to disappear for 3 months, it didn’t, so I decided to see a Sports Therapist yesterday.  For those local to Fareham, I saw Lawrence Knott at knott kinetics .  He was absolutely brilliant.  Really thorough and I would highly recommend him.  Turns out I have a pinched nerve in my back which has kind of got stuck in my thigh.  Hopefully a few sessions should sort this out!  So far, my Achilles have been playing ball.


Reaching the end of Hell… 

For my fundraising efforts for the Rowan’s, I have decided (with the help of Rural Running ), to organise a 5k race.  So far, I have over 100 participants signed up which I am over the moon about. Jeff Clark (Race Director of Rural Running) has been a real help with my fundraising and has kindly allowed me to use the platform of his website and expertise to attract race entries.  The race takes place on the 24th Feb 2019 in Wickham and there is still time to enter here.  If you would kindly like to donate to my Rowan’s fundraising, my Just giving page can be found here.

Other than running, I have been building up my strength and weights in the gym with Holly Selman, my PT.  Check out her page here, she is an absolute machine. More times than often, Holly will demonstrate what she wants me to do with some reps, only for me to have a go, and not be able to lift the actual weight that she has been holding! Holly has really helped me keep a positive mindset and to ensure that I am not doubting myself – which I often do.  Holly also keeps me in check and lets me know if i’m doing too much as in terms of socialising, working out, running and working (she forces me to take a rest day and not feel guilty about it).  She is also my life coach! 🙂

This year at club, we also have two new Captains who have also been amazing and a real asset to the Fareham Crusaders.  Neil and Bex have been good for my soul and have given me and many more, a zest of love for running with their fun approach to working hard but still getting the results.  This works well for me.  There is enough serious pressure and competition at work, and for me, running is a hobby and I want to enjoy it.


I hope to provide many more updates on training and will provide the ‘ups’ and of course ‘the downs’.  Let’s buckle up and get ready for the ride..

May your runs be long, and your injuries few..

Kezza x

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