BROOKS Adrenaline GTS 16



I have a confession to make….it took me forever to wear these babies… don’t get me wrong, I LOVE them but they are just SOOOOO pretty and I’ve been so afraid to get them dirty.  So imagine my horror for nearly two weeks, it didn’t stop raining! ahhhh!

Is there anything better than receiving a running shoe compliments of Brooks, straight to your door? I think not. squeal – excitement!   I felt like a kid at xmas unwrapping the brightly coloured wrap… I couldn’t wait to try them.  The colours are great and pretty much match with most of my running attire!

So ‘GTS’, what does this stand for.  I soon discovered that it meant ‘go to shoe’ – pretty cool huh?

The first thing to hit me when trying them on was the cushioning. I’m an overpronator so need the extra support in my shoe.  Not only do these support but the colours are marvelous! I first ran in these at Parkrun and felt that because they were incredibly comfortable, i didn’t need to wear the usual thick socks – just my usual funky compression socks!


funky shoes and sox


The ride in these Brooks is unbelievably soft and smooth and the toe box is wide, unlike some competitor shoes which give me cramp in my toes. although the shoes are really supportive, there is plenty of responsiveness and control.  My feet didn’t feel hot, despite the amount of cushioning -they are a breathable shoe.

The shoe has a bio mechanically engineered rollbar which means in layman’s terms that there is a smooth transition between the heel and the toe off. The impact is smooth and the landing is really soft – so if you are looking to take the pressure off your poor shins and calves, these shoes are perfect. I also noticed that the shoe has higher support around the Achilles area, which for me, is absolutely perfect.

In summary, this shoe is a ‘must have’ for runners who are looking for a solid stability shoe.  The shoe has been designed with the overpronator in mind and I felt like I had a little ‘bounce’ throughout my time running in them… in fact, since wearing them I have been eating up PB’s like pacman. whoop!

This ‘Go To Shoe’ makes my runs happy :0)

Thanks for reading!

Over and out…

Kezza x

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